PlantTherapy: Garden Gnomes

PlantTherapy: Garden Gnomes

Maxwell Ryan
Dec 8, 2007

A late night out results in Gnome Needs Coffee by LIttle Miss Jenny via Flickr

Most NYC gardens at this time are left with evergreens and berries to show some winter color. And the gnomes, tiring of their garden watching duty, are known to take to the road. The garden gnome is the one tchotchke I have affection for.

Travelocity may have made them cool, but the ceramic garden gnome dates back to the 1800's...

It's a day away from the garden and a visit to the aquarium in Gnome and Salmon Face-Off via Flickr

The gnomes were originally made in Germany by a company named Heissner. They are still in business today. You can also find an endless variety being auctioned off on eBay, but I think the Travelocity gnome may be the handsomest of the bunch.

What I find truly fascinating are the people that will 'steal' your gnome and then send you photos of him as he travels the world (which is the idea behind the Travelocity ad campaign). I would love for this to happen, honestly, as long as the little guy eventually made it home to watch over the garden come spring, along with his new wife and kids. And some dog and cat saltshakers.

Here are a few gnome links for you to enjoy:

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