PlantTherapy: Garden Clippings

PlantTherapy: Garden Clippings

Mar 8, 2008

This week's posts seem to be all about spring. Daffodils, orchid care, planter tips from Martha(already!), garden chore list, and improvised seedling pots after the jump...

  • Horticulture Magazine has an article on daffodil varieties online from their current issue on newsstands. David Burdick introduces the rich world of hybrids that exist outside the world of Dutch varieties that have been offered for decades. The newsstand version has more photos than what is online!
  • The New York Botanical Garden wants to show you how to care for your orchids. They are running practical workshops along with their annual orchid show (you know, so we won't kill all those orchids we might buy in their shop).
  • Susan Harris has a list of tasks for anyone with an outdoor space. She's right, it's a great time to start in before the warm weather truly arrives. The bulbs are just poking out of the ground here in NYC.
  • Melanie at Old Country Gardens shows us her seedlings already started - and improvised newspaper pots for the more vigorously growing corn plants. A nice visual inspiration, and good tutorial.

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