PlantTherapy: Garden Clippings

PlantTherapy: Garden Clippings

Mar 15, 2008

Farming in the boroughs (and backyard orchards), our attraction to the sweet smell of soil, Mother Nature in your stock portfolio, an organic gardening book review, and DrinkPeeDrinkPeeDrinkPee (yes, it's about urination)...

Spring has hit the news. The NY Times had a piece about backyard orchards this week. Even the New York Daily News had an article this week about gardening and farming seeing a resurgence in the boroughs, (above) which was much more encouraging to read about. Chickens in the community gardens? Backyard beehives? Yeah, baby!

This Garen is Illegal gets the seedlings started with The Compact Trainer, and then contemplates our relationship to the bacteria that creates that 'sweet soil smell'. Very cool!

A review on The Truth About Organic Gardening over at Cold Climate Gardening. I get dizzy when I look over all the gardening books at the local B&N - always appreciate a good review to help cut down the search.

The ladies at Garden Rant point out an article from New York Magazine that has Jim Cramer explaining why corn and soy is becoming a big investment (ethanol) - and which companies' stocks are the ones to watch.

Citydirt points to an exhibition that shows us how we can plug our own bodies into the right ecosystem and provide nutrients for fish and plants through our urine. Would you do it if they sold it at the garden center?

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