PlantTherapy: Mother's Day Pick - Lilacs

PlantTherapy: Mother's Day Pick - Lilacs

Maxwell Ryan
May 12, 2007

The perfect choice from the Greenmarket, lilacs are popping up at the Greenmarket, and a substantial gathering of branches can be had for only about $6.00. The bunch I purchased in Union Square was enough to fill three vases, placed by doors and windows, filling the entire apartment with their aroma. If you are on the way to Mom's, these would be a great choice.

The lilac's blossoming region moves northward with the warming of the season. You can find these for the next few weeks, but then they will be gone from the local markets and only the florist will have them from more remote places. Enjoy them now while they are local!

lilacs in buckets at Union Square Greenmarket

I had this bundle of lilacs with me for the entire day, with the blossoms bobbing out of the top of a large bag and moving in time with my stride, like some very agreeable entourage. I had picked them up on my way in to work. People stopped me on the subway and on the streets just to say they loved lilacs - and remembered lilacs from their childhood. I also experience this same feeling when I smell them. The distinct perfume of lilacs connects with a time far off in the past when I first smelled them. I cannot remember where or when, only that it is a smell that has been in my memory before many others. And somehow this is comforting.

lilacs in a milk bottle by the bed

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