PlantTherapy: Greenmarket Pick - Jack's Lilies

PlantTherapy: Greenmarket Pick - Jack's Lilies

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 16, 2007

Jack's debut at the Greenmarket was not as a flower vendor, but as a beekeeper. That was about 30 years ago, back when the Union Square Greenmarket as we know it first began...

Jack began selling the cut wildflowers that grew out by his beehives during a time when the bees went on strike. They sold quicker than the honey and Jack never looked back. He sells these lilies from April until December along with a select variety of other cut flowers (his tulips are beautiful, but you will have to wait until next year).

Oriental Lilies can grow as either sideward-facing or upward-facing, along with many subtle and almost infinite variations to color, spot patterns, size and even scent. Jack is always trying out new varieties and updates his website to let his loyal customers know what is in the works. Last Saturday he had a variety that was a beautiful, delicate yellow that stood out from the neighboring white blossoms. When I stepped closer to smell, my nose encountered the scent of lemons.

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