PlantTherapy: June is the Month of Roses

PlantTherapy: June is the Month of Roses

Jun 30, 2007

It is easy to sail through one month and on to the next without a pause or a backward glance.

Here are a few fresh shots for those of you who didn't have a chance to stop during the Month of Roses...

These were shot on the one day I did stop to appreciate roses in all of their glory, at the NYBG's newly revamped rose gardens. From a distance you only see thousands of colorful constellations. It is dizzying.

Once you enter and creep closer for a look, you can spends hours marveling at the variety of shape, color and complexity. It is easy to see how roses have been adapted to almost every facet of our lives, from medicine and pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, perfumes, fashion -it is virtually unending.

For those that need more inspiration follow this link to the NY Times article for the new gardens and to meet their new and enthusiastic curator of roses, Mr. Peter Kukielski.

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