PlantTherapy: Labor Day Sale at Root Stock

PlantTherapy: Labor Day Sale at Root Stock

Sep 1, 2007

Butterfly Bushes in full bloom.

Root Stock & Quade,
297 Seventh Avenue,
Brooklyn, New York 11215
718 832 1888

For those of you sticking around the city, Root Stock & Quade is having a Labor Day sale with 20% off the price of their annuals and perennials.

Three great perennial plant choices (regardless of where you get them) after the jump...

When I last visited they had very happy plants in their back space, including the butterfly bushes in the picture above.

Getting an e-mail about the sale was a perfect excuse for me to mention three very New York-friendly and drought-tolerant plants I saw when I was there the last time, a beautiful Sedum and Coneflower combination (below) . The deep purple of the Sedum 'Purple Emperor' is a nice match to the deep purple-pink of the 'Double Pink Delight' Echinacea. The second Sedum, 'Autumn Joy' has rose-tinged flowers that would tie in with both the deep puples and pinks of the other two. And since they all enjoy partial shade and flower from Aug. - Oct. they would be a good, hardy choice to keep the color going in your flower box or garden.

Echinacea 'Double Pink Delight'

Sedum 'Purple Emperor'

Sedum 'Autumn Joy'

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