PlantTherapy: Amaryllis and Glassware at Smith & Hawken, SoHo

PlantTherapy: Amaryllis and Glassware at Smith & Hawken, SoHo

Maxwell Ryan
Nov 10, 2007

Amaryllis in a glass at Smith & Hawken, SoHo

Approaching the size of a grapefruit these bulbs were a spectacle even without considering the forthcoming blossoms...

During a holiday season these guys will practically take care of themselves while you are shopping/cleaning/cooking; the show lasts for weeks as the stalks elongate and prepare for a spectacular show of color. These easily compete with my desire to bring home cut flowers (and might be cheaper in the long-run).

S&H also was tempting me with this display of clear glass containers for all of your 'bulb-forcing and humidity-trapping needs'. My apartment becomes as dry as a bone, and these become a beautiful way to care for a small humidity-loving plant or to showcase a bulb you are forcing. They are an investment, and you may also find cheaper alternatives out there - but these are perfect if you can afford them.

You can find the glass amaryllis forcing vase here on their website. They also offer the bulbs online in sets of three.

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