PlantTherapy: Growing from Groceries

PlantTherapy: Growing from Groceries

Jun 6, 2008
Another way to squeeze a little more out of your weekly groceries.

From time to time I see little tips on growing from the produce aisle, but it's my first time to give it a try. The plant above came from my dessert scraps a few weeks ago, and normally would have been headed to the trash...

After the jump: Links to the DIY directions for the plant above and more on this book, a recommendation from Garden Rant, which helps you get more from your groceries.

I am sure most of you figured out the picture above is from a pineapple top. I found a very good set of directions online. After preparing the top I let it grow roots in water for a few weeks and then potted it up. It's enjoying its sunny window, and even if it doesn't bear fruit it is a plant with great looks.

Here is the online tutorial I used. WikiHow also has their own tutorial here. I doubt I will ever grow the 6' diameter plant needed to have a grocery store sized pineapple, but I can dream!

And here is a bit about pineapples from Wikipedia. You might be surprised to read about this fruit - which is from a plant, not a tree, and is formed from the compressed fruits of multiple flowers.

The book, above, was posted on Garden Rant this past week and got a very nice endorsement from Amy Stewart. It teaches how to grow plants from what you normally would be throwing out. You can purchase it at Powell's online. And at $11 it's not going to break the bank - it's a great book to keep in mind for a gift. I can imagine this being especially fascinating for kids - but I am just as excited to get my hands on a copy in the near future and try to grow more plants from my scraps.

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