PlantTherapy: Saturday Morning Flowers

"I don't have any fancy photos to submit but I woke up this morning and saw that my flowers were in perfect bloom and just wanted to share!"

Today's flowers are courtesy of Stephanie (above), Amy, and Yvonne (after the jump).

We're sending a shout-out to all of you who bring home flowers to brighten up your home. Do YOU have some Sat. morning flowers to share? Let me know! You can drop a line with a small description and some pics at matt at apartment therapy dot com

For all Saturday Morning Flowers, click here!

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"I hope you like my saturday morning flowers! My favorite is the ranucula ~"
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"Mini-poms! they last forever! and they are small, cheerful and cute. When it comes to flowers, I prefer one mono-cultural bouquet vs mixing flowers together as the florists do."

matt at apartmenttherapy dot com