PlantTherapy: Saturday Morning Flowers

These photos and a very nice story from Raedia came to my inbox this past week...


We're sending a shout-out to all of you who bring home flowers to brighten up your home. Do YOU have some Sat. morning flowers to share? Let me know! You can drop a line with a small description and some pics at matt at apartment therapy dot com

For all Saturday Morning Flowers, click here!

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"Every Friday night, my husband's parents come over for dinner and a movie, and my mother-in-law always brings an amazing bouquet from her own garden to share with us. I look forward to it all week! This one features two stunning peonies: 'Nippon Beauty' (which I just planted in my own garden) and 'Sarah Berhnardt.'"

Such beautiful peonies - and a very nice tradition!

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And Maria in Silverlake, LA sent in the anemones and sweet peas above:

"I buy my flowers at the silverlake farmers market on Saturday mornings. These are from a few weeks ago but they're so beautiful I wanted to submit them to you. Thanks!"

It's fun to see what others get at their markets and consider local - were there any anemones at the market here in NYC?

matt at apartment therapy dot com