PlantTherapy: Saturday Morning Flowers

PlantTherapy: Saturday Morning Flowers

Apr 19, 2008

This week's photos were sent in by Monica who describes her flower taste as, "Nothing fancy, as I really like it quite simple". Without a lot of fuss Monica brings flowers into her home, simply, sometimes even digging a few bulbs from outside...


I am sending a shout-out to all of you who bring home flowers to brighten up your home. Do YOU have some Sat. morning flowers to share? Let me know! You can drop me a line and some pics at matt at apartment therapy dot com

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"I always try to bring flowers home for the weekend, and if I'm too busy to pick up flowers at the store I'll cut some fresh from my garden, or dig up some soon to flower bulbs.
This weekend I dug up a couple of Crocus Snowbunting from my garden, and I think it turned out even cuter than a store bought boquet :-)"

We agree - thanks for sharing!

matt at apartmenttherapy dot com

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