PlantTherapy: Snowy Rose says 'Bundle Up!'

PlantTherapy: Snowy Rose says 'Bundle Up!'

Dec 1, 2007

A snow-covered rose from a New Jersey garden

While some of us were picking up leaves and wondering when colder days were coming, it turns out parts of NJ actually got SNOW...

Who could have imagined? It was only an inch, but it's more than I have seen yet this year. The picture was sent in by Esther who sent in other nice pics back in the summer for the Flower Box Awards. It was taken by her father in his back yard in New Jersey, after waking up and discovering snow covering his roses.

Beautiful! And now that the colder weather has crept in, maybe Mother Nature will share a little snow with the rest of us in due course. The Farmer's Almanac predicts much snow in NE for 2008 winter, and we already are set to have a storm roll through later this weekend.

Bundle up, everyone!

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