PlantTherapy: Fall Colors at The Met

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I realized it has been some time since I have put any pictures up from the Great Hall at The Met. After a change of scenery from a short trip out of town, I returned to find the colors of autumn surrounding the hall - a change from the tropical leaves and flowers from the weeks before - and was reminded that these enormous arrangements are always a force when ushering in the new season...

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Much in the same way a change in wall color or a bedspread will alter your feelings towards your own home, these enormous flowers in their fall color scheme ease me into the coming months. I am finally getting over my addiction to the heat of summer and coming around to joining those already anticipating the wonders of fall.

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The city's trees and all those throughout the Northeast will soon be bringing this same sensation across our entire landscape as if they, too, had received a mandate from the Met's flowers.

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