PlantTherapy: Bowiea volubilis, The Sea Onion

PlantTherapy: Bowiea volubilis, The Sea Onion

Nov 17, 2007

A natural oddity to start you weekend: behold, the sea onion

This plant does not grow in the sea and you would get a massive stomach ache if you were to eat it like an onion (please don't try). But that is the name it has been given, and it makes for one very cool houseplant...

The green bulb (this plant is a succulent, believe it or not)that it grows from can become as big as a large beefsteak tomato. At the moment mine is tiny but has already grown in the months I have had it. This plant also is capable of flowering, which I cannot wait to see. The Boweia has so far stood up to lower light conditions (although it does need some) and does not complain if it sometimes gets too dry; it's been a truly agreeable house guest and we love its show of green. Ours is staked with a simple chopstick at the moment, but we will need to get more creative as it grows.

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