PlantTherapy: Less Water During the Heat

PlantTherapy: Less Water During the Heat

Jun 28, 2007

drip irrigation system at the Cooper-Hewitt

Although it's always good to conserve water, this incredible heat serves up a good reminder. On a recent trip to the Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum I saw this drip irrigation system, above, in "Design for the Other 90%", an exhibition running until September 23rd...

The design consists of a bag, plastic hose and a low discharge emitter (they control the water drip). Gravity is used to move the water from the bad through the hose. According to the exhibit this simple drip irrigation system is used in India, Nepal, Zambia and Zimbabwe, reduces water use by 30-70 percent and increases yields by more than 50 percent.

This is done by reducing the water that is wasted by evaporation or drainage. A slow, constant drip can make the same amount of water that one might spray on the garden in minutes last for a week.

A great difference using just a bag and a hose.

Drip irrigation systems are commonly hooked up to faucets and, after the initial setup and calibration, can make watering a large area quite easy. Besides drip irrigation, soaker hoses and Treegator bags are also good methods of conservative watering.

The Cooper-Hewitt exhibition was a catalyst for thinking about water conservation, but the exhibit itself and all associated issues are worth their own time and consideration. If you cannot get to the C-H you can view the exhibit online.

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