PlantTherapy: Amaryllis 'Exotica'

PlantTherapy: Amaryllis 'Exotica'

Dec 22, 2007

Photo of Amaryllis 'Exotica'

Red and white Amaryllis are out everywhere right now - and I do love them - but this variety is a beauty and has recently made its way to local florists via the Flower District wholesalers....

I saw them recently when I was at Root Stock and they were selling them as a cut flower. They have light peach veins and the most beautiful butter-colored pollen. And, as Kerry pointed out, they have a certain shimmer to them when the light hits them as if they have been infused with glitter. They not only stand out among the other Amaryllis, but also the other offerings this season.

Thank you for pointing them out, Kerry!

If your florist gets up early to pick out the good stuff at the market you might find them in their shop as a cut flower, or you can also get this bulb variety from Dutch Bulbs or Whiteflower Farm.

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