PlantTherapy: The Showdown

PlantTherapy: The Showdown

Jun 30, 2007

This is the little fellow I love to hate.

The day after planting impatiens around the base of a tree I came out to find them all uprooted and cast about. My neighbor came out and said that she had seen the most curious thing after I had planted them...

I braced myself for a story about neighborhood kids completely dismantling my morning's work. Instead, she described how the squirrels, upon coming home and finding new plants on their front door, proceeded to chatter and grasp the plants in their little fists and rip them right out. They didn't like my improvements one bit.

I spotted this beautiful laser-cut platter, made by Ibride, at the NYBG garden shop recently and had to laugh at this picture of a very perky squirrel caught in what looks like mid-chomp on someone's flowers. Every city gardener has a run-in with these little guys sooner or later. Coexisting with them is very much about compromise.

An article some time ago in the Times described how these furry locals charm the socks off of tourists. I do admit to finding them cute - but feel my sentiments lie with the last line of the article, a quote by an immigrant from Uraguay:

"I loved them," she said. "Until they ate my gardenias."

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