PlantTherapy: Olivia Judson's Pineapple Dreams

PlantTherapy: Olivia Judson's Pineapple Dreams

Mar 22, 2008

Pineapple photo from Cayobo via Flickr

Over in the blog section of the NY Times, Olivia Judson buys a pineapple to take home to her London apartment and is transported to Costa Rica.

Olivia Judson is an evolutionary biologist with a vivid, *action-packed* imagination. And when she runs the tap over the leaves of her pineapple and closes her eyes, she becomes a small tree frog among the pineapples in the rainforest. She fleshes out her daydream for readers as she transforms the pooled water within the pineapple leaves into mini lakes where salamanders, crabs and other creatures live.

This is the same pineapple I have bought over and over again, chopped into pieces and unceremoniously eaten without a further thought. It's never a bad thing to be reminded of the wonder behind any of the items at our fingertips every day. Judson's beautiful little article provides enough of an imagination boost for even someone like myself to escape to the tropics for a moment. Maybe the next time I will try her advice when choosing my supermarket pineapple:

"Next time you buy a pineapple, therefore, pick one with good leaves, pour on some water, shut your eyes, imagine yourself in a bromeliad pool dodging a mother crab or a salamander's tongue, and marvel at the richness of island life."

It's a wonderful escape, if you need one, and Judson's complete NY Times article is right here.

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