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When I am out in the city I will stop into most any shop that carries flowers or plants. Some satisfy the need for a good, cheap dozen roses. Others are a wealth of good gardening advice. Utowa is very much about appreciating the sheer beauty (and luxury) of flowers. Utowa is a blend of fashion, beauty and flowers all housed in a deep, relaxing white space.

Even if you are just around the corner shopping for home goods, you should stop in to beat the heat and let your eyes play.

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Utowa is a great shop for inspiration. There is a constant flow of new items and the floral design staff works to come up with a fresh concept for the window displays EACH MONTH (they were busy cutting ant silhouettes when I was there).

The vessels they have are unique and interesting. I am always on the lookout for beautiful and unique little gifts. Their bud and clipping vases, most under $20, would make the perfect gift for anyone – especially those in small New York apartments.

Their choices for cut flowers are full of beautiful surprises, like the cut branches from blueberry bushes with under-ripe green berries on them, or cut lengths of passion flower vine. And the flower arrangements in the store show a love of bold colors and interesting texture combinations.

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- Matt N.

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