PlantTherapy: Weekend Plans?

PlantTherapy: Weekend Plans?

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 3, 2007

Every weekend starts with flowers when you exit the Great Hall at The Met. These branches (reaching over 6') were bare on Monday, but by Wednesday were full of pear blossoms catching the light that is focused onto the arrangements; they are glowing. It could be these arrangements that first inspired me to keep flowers within sight of my front door.

If you are looking to ride this warm wave here in NYC and feel a bit of spring this weekend, you could stop by the Met and see these pear blossoms on your way through the UES. Or you could head up to the Bronx for the nation's premier orchid exhibition, the New York Botanical Garden Orchid Show. The entire conservatory is turned into an orchid wonderland from now until April 8. Between the exhibition, lectures, gallery, gift shop and bookstore you can easily spend a day learning about and observing these exotic epiphytes.

I'll be there today and promise to share the pictures with you next week if my camera is cooperating.

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