PlantTherapy: Weekend Stop at Wave Hill

PlantTherapy: Weekend Stop at Wave Hill

Jun 9, 2007

view of Wave Hill's greenhouse entrance

Sometimes you have to visit someone else's back yard in order to recharge. While my building's courtyard was host to a child's birthday party, complete with an inflatable 'moon bounce', we packed it in for a quick trip up the Hudson to Wave Hill.

Wave Hill has a fantastic conservatory and gardens, overlooks the Hudson, and is very, very close to Manhattan. Perfect!

alpine garden workspace overlooking the Hudson River

Wave Hill is an estate that was given to New York City by the Perkins-Freeman family in 1960. In its long history these grounds have hosted many who have traveled the Hudson in seek of a place to wonder at nature. Not least among them were Theodore Roosevelt and Mark Twain.

Their 'Garden Etiquette' is quite detailed. I also assume the moon bounce would get the thumbs down as an acceptable activity. In exchange they provide a peaceful and scenic oasis to have some quiet time and recharge. You can lay on the grass or sit in the outdoor chairs underneath the trees reading a favorit book or the Times. They have an art gallery and a cafe with a large veranda that overlooks the Hudson (ice coffee was good!).

Wave Hill is only fifteen minutes out of Manhattan via Metro North. You will not believe how much the world can change in those fifteen minutes.

And for those of you who have a bit of sun in your apartments or veranda and are considering container gardening with succulents or alpine plants, this is an inspiring trip.

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