PlantTherapy: Birch Bark Wrapping

PlantTherapy: Birch Bark Wrapping

Maxwell Ryan
Nov 17, 2007

Photo is by Lisa Hubbard for MSL

For a number of years we had a thin sheet of birch bark in our office. It first existed as a vase wrap, and then was used to hide a plain plastic pot that housed an azalea. People always commented on the bark, never on the azalea.

The December issue of Martha Stewart Living had this as one of their holiday ideas that lets you use even a drinking glass as a vase and brings a 'sylvan' feel to your tabletop arrangement...

Martha must know the power she wields and imagined people getting ideas on how to get their hands on sheets of bark: the short article warns against taking bark from live trees and to only purchase from vendors that take theirs from fallen trunks.

The source they list is in New York City, a store called Dry Nature Designs that sells it for $9 per aquare ft. Bark also does come up on eBay auctions from time to time.

I waited a week to post this because I hoped Martha Stewart might refesh their content to include their current issue. They did.

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