Plaster Networks PLN3/AV200 Powerline AV Adapters

Plaster Networks PLN3/AV200 Powerline AV Adapters

Gregory Han
Jan 24, 2011
Plaster Networks PLN3/AV200 Powerline AV Adapters

• $129.90 starter kit
Plaster Networks

A short while ago I was talking about upgrading my mom to the wonderful world of HDTV; happy to report she's now enjoying the wonderful world of a 55" 1080p picture. Her LG set also came equipped with several of the internet app goodies many manufacturers are including with their sets in partnership with companies like VUDU, Pandora and Netflix, but the wi-fi in my mom's house was proving to weak and slow to take advantage of these features...

The last thing she wanted was for me to run ethernet cables upstairs to downstairs, so I had to turn to a fast yet flexible solution: ethernet-over-power line. With up to 200Mbps connection speed and the versatility of creating an ethernet connection nearly anywhere there's an outlet, the Plaster Networks Powerline Adaptor starter pack was connected to the upstairs router to the downstairs entertainment setup in just a few minutes, resulting in a faster and stable connection, utilizing the existing electrical outlets/system in her 1970's home.

There's even a free network and performance management to observe your home network through a browser interface, if you're someone with admin needs/preferences. And now my mom is enjoying the sweet services of Pandora classical channels and Netflix streaming (and I can even remotely manage her network from afar)!

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