Plastic Nostalgia: Fisher Price Record Player-Inspired Table

Nostalgia can be a powerful thing. Last fall we noted the re-release of some classic Fisher Price toys, our favorite among them the record player. We stumbled upon this wood tribute to the iconic record player by Israeli designers Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay.

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Mer and Alkalay are partners at Raw-Edges Design Studio in London and they call this table Plastic Nostalgia: "[they] have chosen one of the ultimate symbols of high quality, brightly coloured, highly finished plastic, which during theirs and many childhoods typified homes across the world...Plastica Nostalgia’s emotional value lies in the treasured memories the old pieces of Fisher Price plastic evoke. These elements assume a new life at the centre of a piece of contemporary furniture".

We're a bit behind the curve on this one, Apartment Therapy wrote about this duo a year ago and we're looking forward to seeing if Mer and Alkalay will be inspired by other nostalgic childhood pieces in their future work.

(Images: Raw-Edges Design Studio. Via: Famille Summberbelle)

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