If you're searching for an easy and inexpensive easy way to decorate a wall, consider mounting a plate collage. Choose a colorful collection to brighten up a space — or light plates against a dark wall to create a uniquely sophisticated look.

Using plates as wall art can be an economical choice because you can find tons of gorgeous plates and platters at local thrift stores, sometimes for less than a dollar. Think about curating a theme, like only using black and white ceramics or plates with flowers. However, you might want to use plates that are expensive or meaningful. In that case, make sure you know the proper way to mount these keepsakes. There are several ways to mount your plate collage. You can install shelves and then prop-up the plates using racks or super glue a metal bracket onto the back of the plate. Then place the plate against the wall and use a nail or screw to secure the bracket to the wall. This method secures the plate to the wall with minimal damage to the actual plate.

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