Play Date Cards from Doolittle Junior

Play Date Cards from Doolittle Junior

Julia Cho
Mar 15, 2007

Moms are busy people , so it makes sense that they might have business cards. They're dropping people off, and picking people up. There are soccer coaches, ballet teachers, and school teachers to keep in touch with. Well, these play date cards from Doolittle Junior may actually make that job a little bit easier.

Felix Fu is the artist whose work you'll find on the stationary including these cards. His work is described as "Charming and whimsical, his images have a nostalgic feeling that reminds one of a simpler, more magical time". He is influenced by his original home of Hong Kong and his current home in New England. We counted 48 different designs to choose from. Get 40 cards with rounded corners for $50.

While you're over at the Doolittle site, check out the book plates as well. Not only will it keep borrowers from forgetting to return your kids books, but letting the kids stick them on will give them a sense of ownership over their books.

What do you think? Do you use "play date cards"?

Thanks to Hannah for the tip!

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