Play House: Kid-Friendly Adult Decor, or Vice-Versa

Play House: Kid-Friendly Adult Decor, or Vice-Versa

Kim Clements and Joe Schneider are a husband and wife design team with three young boys. Their Seattle bungalow is a colorful, bright showcase of how to live abundantly with modest space.

They've designed their dining room with the now-ubiquitous chalkboard wall, but continue the industrial inspiration with a covet-inducing dining table made from bowling lanes. Check out the positioning of the rug under the table; we like how it leaves the floor bare right under the chalkboard (imagine the chalk dust), and extends the carpeted area into the room for a bit more play space.

The article also includes some good color tips from Clements, such as:

• Use artwork to choose your color palette
• Don't try to use every color
• Choose a base color that really changes in different light, so that it is dynamic and constant at the same time
• Use bold color in small splashes

The family also makes the space work by sacrificing one area designated for clutter, rather than spreading it through the whole house. It might seem hard to offer up a whole room, corner or nook for this purpose when you're already squeezing the most out of a small space, but compartmentalizing clutter is worth it.

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Images: John Granen and Kimberly Brown Seely

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