Make Your Own Play Money

Bloesem Kids

My parents taught me the value of money at an early age and I am doing the same with my own children. These days we've been playing store and the concept of paying for things and money plays a major role. We take turns playing the shopkeeper, answering the shopper's questions and quoting prices. So far, we've been using scraps of paper as play money but I'd love a set of play money that we could play with over and over again.I saw this set of personalized play money on Bloesem Kids. Helen of Curly Birds made this currency for her twin daughters using digital photos and a few other items like iron-on transfers and fabric stiffener. You've got to invest a bit of time to make these but they definitely beat scraps of paper any day. To check out her step-by-step instructions and make a set of your own, visit Bloesem Kids. And see what else Helen is up to on Curly Birds.

(Image: Helen/Curly Birds)