Playable Studio: Furniture for Kids, Adults & Playing

ICFF 2012

Playable Studio made their big debut at ICFF this year with two pieces designed with both kids and their parents in mind.

The Oni, shown above and below, is both furniture and a toy. Use it as a bench or turn it on its side to become a stool or side table. Turn it upside down and it becomes a rocking toy for kids. Each version is lovely in its own right and combined they are a smart choice for small space dwellers.

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The Vio table is coffee table size and, as you may envision (your kids sure will) great for sliding down or as a racetrack for cars. It, too, can be flipped over to become a curved reading spot or pretend sleigh or boat or whatever your kids imagine.

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Company: Playable Studio

Reporter & Image: Carrie McBride
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