Playful Pixels: Get the 8-Bit Look at Home

Playful Pixels: Get the 8-Bit Look at Home

Julienne Lin
Sep 14, 2012

We like pixels for their retro-chic style, and also because a lot of us are nerds at heart. Pixels just remind us of things we love, graphic design and computers and of course tech in general. We've rounded up a couple of pixel perfect items to feed those of you who have the obsession like us.

Puzzle Pixel Art: Turn decorating your walls into a fun project with Puxxle wall decals. Just like with normal decals, you clean the surface of your wall that you want to decorate and firmly place the stickers on the wall. Puxxle comes with instructions so you know how to place the stickers so that they create whatever animal you chose. I like the Jelly Fish set — they also glow in the dark.

Trend Wallpaper: You don't always have to go childish or playful with pixels. Trend wallpapers come in more classic, understated designs. They have a great selection of pixel designs, or you can choose wallpapers that imitate the look of tiled walls, which also gives a nice pixelated effect.

Wallums Wall Decals: If you don't want to cover your entire wall with pixels, Wallums is great for just decorating a portion of your walls. We like their pixelated heart decal for children's rooms, but they also have great typography selections too.

Pixel Skin: You won't fear for your phone slipping out of your fingers with Speck's pixel skin phone covers. The cover has a matte pixel texture that makes it easy to grip. The skins come in a variety of fun colors.

Pixel Rug: I like how this rug is just the perfect balance of playful, modern and stylish, along with looking extremely comfy under the feet. It's hand-tufted and would complement a nice wooden floor and brighten up the room.

(Images: as credited above)

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