Acrylic Cradle in the Nursery

Acrylic Cradle in the Nursery

Feb 20, 2007

A modern interpretation of a classic piece of nursery furniture, this acrylic baby cradle is stunning. We see acrylic in a lot of modern home design, especially in dining room tables and chairs, and in coffee tables and accessories, but this is the first time we have seen it used like this!

According to Acrylic Ideas, this crib is 24 years old, has been through multiple babies, and is still going strong, but is it practical?

Well, probably not. Cleaning acrylic means mild soap and lukewarm water, and for stubborn stains, naptha or kerosene. Neither of those last two are very baby-safe, and lukewarm water isn't likely to remove baby-related stains. And who wants to spend an evening waxing their acrylic cradle, as recommended in the care instructions?

Nonetheless, it is always inspiring to see old classics reinterpreted in new ways, and while at $5,950 this cradle probably isn't in most of our budgets anyway, it does put a new spin on the phrase, 'Peek-a-boo'!

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