Plop! bookshelf by Joyce Hong

Plop! bookshelf by Joyce Hong

Abby Stone
Jun 12, 2008

Here's an idea that's green, transportable, perfect for small space living, stores your stuff and because of it's neutral colour, easily customizable. Oh, and it takes an age-old problem and solves it in a new and elegant way. In short, an ideal AT find. Voila the Plop! bookcase from Joyce Hong

Made from eco-friendly corrugated board, it folds up for storage but can just as easily be recycled. Originally designed for students, we think it would work anywhere some simple shelving was needed. We'd even find ways to use it temporarily: to hold gifts and wrapping supplies for a span during the holidays; under a covered patio to organize our garden, especially during those first few spring weeks; during a party, to hold coats and purses, rather than using our bed; when the seasons change to hold our clothing so we can really give our closet a thorough going over. More photos and more information via Yanko

[Photos via Yanko]

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