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Name: Pierluigi Molteni's Plug-In House
Location: Bologna, Italy
Size/Type: 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom modular home
Years lived in: 1 month (September 11 - October 3, 2009)

At the Cersaie exhibition in Bologna this past October, we had the chance to tour a mod Italian home built for the show. The Plug-In House, designed by Italian architect Pierluigi Molteni in collaboration with Alessia Curella and Sophie Berianidze, is a modular home that's centered on a hallway, or "spine," from which rooms branch off. It seemed like we couldn't turn a corner without finding something out of the ordinary.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

The idea is that rooms and porches can be "plugged in" to the central spine in different combinations. Every room has large windows or sliding doors that flood the interiors with sunlight. A green roof covers the home, and front, side, and back porches extend from the main structure.

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Everything about the home is offbeat, from the sculptures on the lawn to the stuffed birds and avant-garde furnishings by Italian companies Muzzarelli, Lago, and Desalto. We found our favorite pieces in the bedroom: a bed that appears to float above the floor and a wooden crib with outer storage pockets and a fabric mosquito net. The red and black bathroom tile was aso eye-catching, as were the triangular wall-mounted bookshelves.

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Architecture: Pierluigi Molteni with Alessia Curella and Sophie Berianidze

Furnishings: Muzzarelli, Lago, Desalto

Artwork: Chizu Kobayashi

Accessories: Camera con Vista

Ceramic Floor and Wall Coverings: Lea Ceramiche

Concrete Materials and Workmanship: Il Cantiere

Corian Materials and Workmanship: Altha

Doors: Synua di Oikos

Fixtures: Navello, Ebano

Green Roof: Optima Giardini Pensili

Kitchen: Elleci

Landscaping: Studio Rigolli

Lighting: Viabizzuno

Masonry: Esse3 Construzioni

Structural Wood: Falegnameria Cereghini, Alce

Tech Systems: Innovatech

Wood Finishes: Gasser

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Images: Sarah Coffey

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