Tacking art to the wall is sloppy (not to mention it can destroy the work), cheap frames generally look cheap (sad but true), and custom framing is, well, expensive. Aside from that there aren't a ton of options for effectively displaying photos and art around the home. Helping to fill that gap is Plywerk, a Portland-based company that specializes in inexpensive plywood mounting...

Here's how it works: Start by uploading your image to the Plywerk website or choose one from their artist gallery. Next, choose the size, plywood type, and finish you'd like to use. If you need any help with color correction or cropping, they can do that for an extra charge. Once you've made all your selections, the folks at Plywerk get busy putting together your piece. In about 7-14 days you get your photo sleekly mounted to plywood with a keyhole in back, ready to hang on your wall. You can also choose to order just the blank panels (shown in the first image above) and affix your image at home. We think the prices are quite reasonable and the finished product looks good, but we'd love to hear from you. Has anyone used Plywerk before? What were your thoughts?
Via The Wallflower
(Images: Plywerk)