(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
The bathroom is easily overlooked as a display space for artwork or collections, but it can be an ideal and unexpected spot. Frames or shelving are potentially distracting or dangerous in a child's bathroom when there is serious bath and potty business to be addressed, which is why we dig this shower curtain.

We had this very shower curtain in one of our first post-college apartments where we vowed to relegate all kitsch to the kitchen and bathroom. It held a ton of images and tchotkes, and became a kind of ongoing collaborative art installation with roommates. In a child's bathroom it could be a great place to display photographs, artwork, postcards or any relatively flat, lightweight object. With 40 5x7" openings there's room for all kinds of goodies. Kids can get involved by showcasing their latest projects and interests in a bold visual display that's even less committal than painting the walls.

Pocket Shower Curtain ($28), Urban Outfitters.