Poketo Artist Forest Fables Series Mousepads

Poketo Artist Forest Fables Series Mousepads

Gregory Han
Feb 27, 2012

Even though most laser and optical mice no longer require the smooth surface of a mousepad to operate effectively, we still like using a mouse pad for both the comfort and familiarity (we also have a shiny white desk which doesn't seem to play nice with either tech). Thus, we've always got our eyes open on any new designs, since mouse pads can still lend themselves to be a splash of color and character on the desk...

As mouse pad go, these Poketo Artist Forest Fables Series are standard natural sponge rubber bottom pads, with a fine-grain textured plastic top for improved mousing. But the real draw is the selection of illustrations done by Lesley Barnes, Kristina Collantes, and Andrea Kang, a colorful and cute trio.

The rectangular Lion mousepad by Julie West isn't part of the Forest Fables series, but we thought we'd include it just in case your preference leans toward the rectilinear instead of circular!

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