Polished Silver: Pottery Barn's Silver-Plated Rolodex

Polished Silver: Pottery Barn's Silver-Plated Rolodex

Grace Shu
Nov 2, 2007

You might say that a Rolodex is so 90's, but we confess that we have a secret weakness for them--which may explain why we can spend an afternoon roaming down aisles of office supplies in the fall. This year, we're trying to get our act together and send out holiday cards before last-minute panic sets in (and we try to cover it up by sending New Years cards)...which led to us looking at our shabby Rolodex in dismay. Between old addresses and out-of-touch friends, we decided to overhaul our contacts and upgrade to this sleek version from Pottery Barn. (FYI, we paid $30 for ours in the store; not $50 online).

What we liked the best about it is purely coincidental: the majority of business cards we had stuffed in our old one are vertical format, and the silver plating fits right into our attempt at a grown-up home office.

Well played, Pottery Barn, well played.

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