(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
That there must be the weirdest photo I've ever snapped for Apartment Therapy. But then again, the topic itself accompanying the photo is little west of weird: a British retailer recently polled nearly 2000 people to correlate a person's choice in gaming platform with how good of a lover they are according to their partner. One type of gamer was overwhelmingly deemed not so hot...

According to Metro UK, a study by VoucherCodesPro polled 1,747 gamers and the best lovers reported were Xbox players with a 54% approval rating from their partners as "good" or better (they were asked about frequency of gaming versus amorous activity, and their happiness/dissatisfaction about the ratio). 

Sadly, the same thing could not be said for PC gamers, who came in with a lowly 3% rated as "excellent". Strangely, the poll didn't include Playstation 3 figures, and even more perplexing, 11% of those polled wanted ‘less sex, more gaming’.

(Image: Gregory Han)