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Brooklyn, NY
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
I had been renting a very long, narrow and dark railroad apartment in the East Village, so as soon as I saw the square rooms in this beautiful brownstone in Brooklyn, I was smitten. I was hoping to find a place with its own private patio/garden, which this has. These brownstone garden apartments can be dark because they are partially sub-ground level, but this one was super light and bright, and even better still, filled with details like the old marble fireplace, tin ceilings, and original inlaid wood floors. I also love the 13' wall of kitchen because it's a great use of space and easy to work in with 2 or 3 people. I feel like I have a full dedicated kitchen, even though it only takes up one wall of the main room. I can't imagine living anyplace that doesn't have an open-plan main living area anymore. The idea of having separate box rooms for living room, kitchen, and dining room feels wasteful!
Biggest Challenge of Living in a Small Space:
I have learned to de-clutter over the years, and I mean severely. After living in 3 consecutive 3-bedroom houses, I now I live in two very small rooms in less than 500 square feet total, and I still found space to keep certain areas free of furniture to walk around in. Multi-use furniture is clever and necessary: my sofa doubles as a standard sized twin bed, my dining table/desk will seat 6 comfortably with the bench seat, and I'm addicted to benches! They work as seating and coffee table. The Ikea Lack shelf on its side, which holds the TV, has also worked as extra seating by moving the speakers and using seat cushions. (Those speaker stands were featured in your Unplggd section because they are Ikea hacks!) I was also challenged with the living area having 3 doors, so nothing could go against walls or windows, which is how I came up with the idea of floating the dining table/sofa in the middle of the room. I love being able to walk around it and have easy access to the windows.
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