Pomegranates: Enjoy them

Pomegranates: Enjoy them

Laure Joliet
Nov 5, 2007

Pom might be good (and good for you) but nothing beats a real pomegranate and we just got our first batch of the season. The ruby red, the bursting seeds, it all just says Fall to us.

We love the idea of trying this pomegranate and orange marmalade recipe. But then again, just sitting on the floor and tearing them apart can be a great fall ritual. And now that we're all adults, we might try our hand at a nice pomegranate martini.

To find a good one (for eating), don't go for the most red, look for a browner one (this means it's sweeter) and pick one that's firm but has some give. You won't be disappointed.

Of course if you're using them for a centerpiece these rules don't apply. Check out the Pom site to see some ideas for wreaths, centerpieces and trees.

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