Mason and Matisse

Mason and Matisse

Julia Cho
Mar 14, 2007

Modern Design just does not abound everywhere. Steve and his wife live in Essex, New York and couldn't seem to find anything for themselves or their children...until they discovered Mason and Matisse. Steve writes us, "we were beyond ecstatic when this little baby boutique, which happens to be the only baby boutique in a 50 mile radius, opened it's doors last December." Now they've got an online presence as well so everyone can access their well-crafted modern collections.

Mason and Matisse has a great selection of the popular mod favorites, but we also found some new things as well. They have a really nice, (and yes, pricey) selection of crib and toddler bedding. Check out this "Macaroni Crib Set" by designer Rosemary Hallgarten, who found her inspiration while watching her son eat macaroni and cheese. It comes in 6 different color combos. We love the fresh green and white in "grasshopper".

There are also some beautiful lamp pendants that coordinate with the bedding sets. This one is entitled "Alien Workshop". This dwellbaby Hooded Towel would make a wonderful gift.

On their website, Mason and Matisse say, "Our goal is to push the envelope of design and simplicity and allow the imagination of children to flourish in contemporary surroundings." We think they've done a great job of balancing all of the above! Thanks for the tip Steve.

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