As a renter with very little disposable income, I solved all of my lighting issues with string lights. Gloomy corner? Impenetrable back-of-the-closet? Blinding bathroom light first thing in the morning? Insufficient kitchen lights? The fear of falling asleep with candles still lit? The answer is always "more sparkly lights".

From across the web, here are some of our favorite uses of string lights.

  1. A warm hearth: logs + string lights from Time Out Chicago
  2. Boudoir mood lighting: string light headboard from Better Homes & Gardens
  3. Create a bright wall hanging: my Winter Sparkly Mirror Garland!
  4. Gentle bathroom lighting: wall-mounted rope lights from Apartment Therapy
  5. See yourself in the best light: light-draped mirror from Restoration Hardware
  6. Work lights: DIY under-cabinet lighting from St. Rose Apartments
  7. Wardrobe highlights: rope light in the closet from HGTV
  8. Navigate a gloomy stairway: draped lighting idea from lights4fun
  9. Hide an unsightly chandelier: Chandelier Cover-Up from Apartment Therapy
  10. Brighten a basement: Getting Through This' lights on a basement beam