Portable Birthdays: Modern Ideas for Parties Away from Home

My daughter's birthday party is tomorrow. Tomorrow! I'm not ready. But, I'm more ready than usual because this year, for her fourth birthday, we've chosen to have the party somewhere other than at our cramped house. It's our first foray into public birthday party venues, and it's a sticky wicket. Especially for me, her creative momma, who really just wants to get all crazy with decor and accessories!

But I've realized the thing to do is bring some fun ideas with us to the party. Luckily the art studio venue we chose allows us to bring our own cake (homemade and decorated by moi!), and decorations too. So we'll be bringing the ubiquitous pennant banner, homemade party favors, and balloons. If I had more time, I've found some great inspiration for unique portable party decor. Hanging banners and garlands are a particularly easy way to add some personality to a bland party room. What do you think of these options?

(Images: as linked above)

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