(Image credit: StorkStand)

For a long time I've been a fan of the standing desk. Standing while working comes with health benefits, like not having to deal with back pain from slumping in an office chair all day. I've even become enamored of some DIY options. The only downside is that most options only work from one location.

(Image credit: StorkStand)

Converting to the standing desk lifestyle is a lot more difficult if you have to move from place to place regularly, like if you work part-time from home and part-time from an office. Thanks to the modern mobile office, people could be working from absolutely anywhere these days. For freelancers and other mobile types, a portable standing desk like this StorkStand by San Francisco-based designer Mike Goldberg could be an ideal solution.

The StorkStand is a small desk surface that turns into a standing desk when you attach it to the back of an office chair. Then you can just set it up, put your laptop on top of it, and go. It would also work if you needed an impromptu podium, but needing a sudden desk is probably more likely than needing a podium.

The desk surface can be angled for ease of use, and the height can be adjusted simply by raising or lowering the chair. The portable standing desk holds 50 pounds, and the design is being funded through Kickstarter, where the desks are priced from $149 to $179.

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