Portland Bridges Pillows from Crazy Coconut

Portland Bridges Pillows from Crazy Coconut

Lise Harwin
Sep 5, 2008

One of the best things about Portland are the bridges. From the Steel to the Sellwood, each structure has its own distinct personality and we've even been known to go out of our way just to cross our favorites.

Of the 11 that cross the Willamette River, the one most likely to catch our eye is the St. Johns, a suspension bridge with two tall Gothic tower that was called, "the most beautiful bridge in the world" by its engineer back in 1931.

While photos and posters of Portland's bridges abound, we like the fact that Crazy Coconut has taken inspiration from cold, hard steel and given us soft, fluffy pillows made with organic cotton or found fabrics. Not a fan of basic black and white? Custom colorways are available as well.

Though Crazy Coconut has only immortalized the St. Johns and the Hawthorne (as well as the much newer Portland tram), we'll take any chance we have to bring this bit of Bridgetown into our humble abode.

Oh, and just in case you're wondering, the St. Johns came first, Golden Gate fans!

14x14 for $40 at Crazy Coconut

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