Portlander Wins Dwell Green Design Contest

AT blogged about Dwell’s “How Green Are You?” contest a while back and now it’s time to share the home of the winner, who hails from right here in Portland. Ryan Walsh of DRW Design Build took home the grand prize for the rebuild of his 1925 bungalow, which makes use of recycled products in unconventional ways.

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According to PDX Green, Walsh spent $30,000 to $40,000 on renovations to the 1,200 square-foot house. It didn’t happen overnight, however. Walsh took about eight years to complete the project, taking leftover scraps and fashioning them into something beautiful.

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A prime example is the bedroom wall, created from a pile of plywood of different sizes and colors. Rather than working towards a specific design, Walsh “reacted to the materials” and placed them in a “random, unorganized fashion.” If only our disorganization looked this good!

For his efforts, Walsh took home $1,000. To see more of Ryan Walsh’s bungalow, go here. To learn more about his work, click here.

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There was also a Vancouver winner -- see the Gulf Islands House here...
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...as well as a Seattle winner -- see the "Salvaged Cedar" entry here.

Click here to see all the entries.

Images: Dwell

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