(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
It's rare that sturdy, wooden pieces look so cozy! Designed in 2009 by Philippe Bestenheider for Italian design firm Moroso, the lively Nanook chair was just honored with the Premio Nationalize per l'Innovazione—the Italian National Award for Innovation. Best of all, it turns out that the modern perch has an eco-component.

Part snowflake, part beehive, with an intriguing mix of curves and right angles, Bestenheider's capolavoro, as they say in Italian, is just that—a masterpiece indeed. Wood, metal, rubber and fabric compose the body of the Nanook; each is finished with Maravee, a 100 percent sustainable paint fabricated by Kuei, the product's developer. This, of course, allows for countless custom-color combos like the ones shown above. (Bestenheider is no stranger to sustainable design; his new Beth Chair is made from all recycled materials.) So sit back, relax and soak in la dolce vita created by such a formidable addition to the sustainable modern design sphere.