Apps That Aid Positive Disciplining

Apps That Aid Positive Disciplining

Séverine Baron
Sep 20, 2012

In looking for a middle ground between parenting from behind my smartphone and being more directly involved with my kids, I stumbled upon a few potentially useful apps. I have a tendency to react quickly and raise my voice with my children. I suppose it might be in the hopes of being more of an authority figure. I'm not quite sure, though I think most of us do it. One day, I realized that the power struggles I often experienced with my kids just didn't make sense...

I started whispering to them instead of raising my voice, which worked wonders. That's when I got into all the positive discipline and non violent communication principles, which I found could be applied to infants as well as teenagers, and even young adults.

The first app I found, Positive Discipline Parenting Tool Cards, contains a collection of 52 cards based on principles shown in the "Positive Discipline" book by Jane Nelsen, reminding you of what you can do to calmly but firmly assert yourself and connect with your children.

Another one I thought worth mentioning, Tantrums 911, is by family therapist Valery Jamposky, who has based her method partly on Marshall Rosenberg's Non Violent Communication techniques. There are suggestions, including videos, for steps on how to deal with different difficult situations without necessarily raising your voice.

Do you like a particular app to help with discipline in a positive way?

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