PlantTherapy: Industrial Strength Planters in BKLYN

PlantTherapy: Industrial Strength Planters in BKLYN

Maxwell Ryan
Sep 8, 2006

When walking in the city one can aways find an area where the balance of nature to city is tipped one way or another. A shadow from a building halts the growth of a tree. An ivy penetrates brick mortar and gently crumbles it with its grasp...

These planters I found on a street between Court and Smith near Borough Hall in Brooklyn.

They are made from metal drums that were torched and cut into planters. With plants inserted there is a feeling of either the plants slowly devouring the barrels - or - the barrels slowly growing up to devour the plants. Either way they look great in their industrial environment and the writing that already existed on the barrels has become a nice design element in their new life as planters.

And for those of you who see Gerbera Daisies in their cut form with the plastic stem supports every day at the corner deli, please look at the image below. Gerberas are an annual that grow in bright pop-art colors. The plants flower for a month or so, which makes them a great color addition for a window box before the cold sets in.

These were out on the sidewalk in front of Flowers by Phillip on Madison Ave. and 84th.

>i>- Matt N.

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